The basic structure of your project is determined by the project's schedule of events. The schedule has Groups and Tasks, which are associated with Forms.

  • Groups are periods in a study, e.g. "Baseline", "Visit 1" etc. Note: If your form is enabled for anonymous sharing, a "Public Forms" group will automatically be created for all public forms.
  • Tasks are forms inside a Group. A Group can have as many tasks as you like. Tasks break up big forms and make each step more user-friendly and less bulky. Tasks must be associated with a form.
  • Forms are the most important part, they're the actual questions to be answered. A form can have any number of questions, but we advise keeping the number of questions per form low, to make sure the forms don't get too long and reducing user-friendliness.
  • Tip: You can associate the same form to multiple tasks. This is helpful if you want to send the same survey to a participant multiple times.
Schedule of events

Create a schedule

  1. Click Schedules from the project navigation
  2. Click Add Group and name your group
  3. Click Add Task
  4. Name your Task and select a Form
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 until you've built your schedule of events
  6. When adding a new participant, the schedule of events will appear in the participant detail view
Participant view