Looking for a free REDCap alternative with a beautiful user experience and lots of smart features? Meet Phase Zero, the easiest way to capture patient data for free. Phase Zero makes it really easy to create forms, capture patient-reported outcomes, and launch any research project, and it's free.

Our key features include:

  • Unlimited forms and responses for free
  • Share forms and surveys by web, email, and SMS
  • Survey the same patient at different points in time
  • Automate workflows with dynamic scheduling and powerful integrations

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Not convinced?

We've lined up the most important Phase Zero features and compared them with REDCap.

Features Phase Zero REDCap
Unlimited forms
Unlimited responses
Unlimited questions
Track multiple forms per participant for longitudinal studies
Export your data to common analysis packages
Build a list of email contacts and create custom email invitations
Create a single survey link to email out or post on a website
File uploads
Repeated measures
Generate a print-friendly PDF version of your forms for easy data collection offline
HIPAA compliant and CFR Part 11 ready
Connect external applications via API
Create beautiful, people-friendly forms
Custom Thank You screens
Multicenter collaboration
Automate distribution of forms and surveys
Distribute surveys and forms by SMS
Widget library to standardize on variable names
Conception to production-level survey in minutes
Simple and flexible study design that allows protocol changes
Manage project documents in one central location
Google Sheets integration
Full-service customer support
Available for non-commercial and commercial research purposes