Hi Phase Zero users!

Our team is delighted to share a few product enhancements so that you can create pixel-perfect forms for your customers!

This month, we added a few components, including Picture Choice, Payment, and Slider components; and Form themes, to give your forms an additional personal touch.

Picture Choice component
The Picture Choice component is a visual version of Radio or Checkboxes. You can use it to make beautiful forms that fit your brand.

You can add images to each option with a Picture Choice question. You can label each picture choice if you like and select to display images as a grid or list.

Display as grid
Display as list

Payment component
Looking for a quick way to sell products and services online? With Phase Zero, you can build payment forms in minutes to collect payments.

Phase Zero users can create payment forms on our free plan. Phase Zero takes 5% commission on each payment plus the Stripe transaction fee. A paid plan allows you to skip the 5% Phase Zero commission fee.

Phase Zero partners with Stripe for secure payments
Connect to Stripe

Slider component
The Slider component is a more interactive alternative to the Number Scale component. Rather than simply selecting a scale point, respondents drag a bar to indicate their preference level.

Slider component

Apply a theme to your form
A theme consists of:
A brand color for the main elements of a form: answers and buttons.
A brand logo.
A font for the text.
A primary and secondary font color.

Theme settings
As always, let us know how these features are working for you and send any feedback our way.