Here's everything you need to start building forms with Phase Zero. New to Phase Zero? Sign up for a free account.

1. Create a project

Head over to and start by creating a project to organize your forms.

  1. Click the Add Project button. Give your project an identifier and name and click Save to create your project.
  2. Click on the project card to navigate to your project.

3.  Click the Add Forms button to create a form.

2. Create a form

You can choose from a list of pre-made widgets or create your own questions using these form elements:

  1. Basic components: Basic answer fields including short text, radio buttons, checkboxes, date, and number fields. Insert text, headings, images, and videos in your form.
  2. Advanced components: Advanced answer fields including sliders, electronic signatures, and file and image upload
  3. Widget components: Pre-made combination of questions (or headings) and page components. Widgets are helpful to standardize field names and option values. We created some for you, but you can create your own.

Select a field component to:

  • Move: select and drag the component
  • Delete: click the trash icon on the bottom right
  • Duplicate: click the paper icon on the top right

3. Customization options

Make your form seamlessly fit your brand by customizing the design to your needs. Use the Text component to:

  • Images: insert images within the survey
  • Videos: insert videos and GIFs within the survey
  • Text formatting: select text to format and style it
  • Headings: use different sizes of headings to give your form more structure and context. There are two sizes of headings available.
  • Thank You Page: Create a custom thank you page by using the pop-up menu at the bottom of the form editor. A standard thank you page will be provided if you wish not to create your own.

4. Advanced features

Make your form smart and customize your respondent's form experience by using our advanced features:

  • Display logic: create logic jumps by using if/then conditions
  • Required fields: mark answer fields required
  • Form type: display all questions at once in a study form or one question at a time in a survey form
  • Answer piping: mention a participant's answer (like name), participant identifier, or project name

5. Preview and Distribute

Use the preview button in the header menu to preview your form.

When you're ready to distribute your form, click the Distributions tab and enable the anonymous link, a reusable link that can be pasted into emails or onto a website and is unable to track identifying information of respondents.

  • Anonymous link: copy and paste this link anywhere to start collecting responses
  • QR code: screenshot or download the QR code and paste it anywhere to start collecting responses
Enable anonymous link

6. Form Settings

In the Settings tab of your form you can:

  • Rename your form
  • Change the form type. A study form will show all questions at once. A survey form will show one question at a time

8. Looking to track the same respondent at different points in time?

For more complex studies, you can create a schedule to associate multiple forms to the same respondent.

Didn't find what you're looking for?

You might find your answer on our FAQ page or on our roadmap, but don't hesitate to reach out via or join our Slack channel for immediate support.

We're always looking for new ways to improve Phase Zero; if you have a suggestion, please send us a message.